Sagittarius Horoscope

Jul 3, 2022… Sagittarians may be less motivated than usual today. A low-stress day can do your body a lot of good, not to mention your mind. If you have to work, so be it, but if you have the opportunity to slow things down, it could do you a lot of good. Like a roller coaster, life is most certainly going to pick up the pace soon enough. Take advantage of any moment you can sneak away to set yourself up for a wonderful week ahead.

Today’s Soul Advice: If you’re getting older, it can seem like a total drag sometimes — especially on those really rough days where everything hurts a little more than usual and staying in bed seems like the best option. Aging, while it brings aches and pains, also gives us epic wisdom and innumerable memories to appreciate. On your extra tough days, don’t forget about those good parts of the aging process.


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