Sagittarius Horoscope

Dec 6, 2020… Sagittarians can be drawn to speak up for what’s right today. Silence isn’t golden when you see something wrong, but it’s often the easiest route to take. That’s why most people just turn a cheek and walk away. However, you’re likely to be bigger than that today. When you stand up for what’s just, you’re not only playing a role in changing your life, but also doing something for the world. Be the change you want to see, and you’ll see more of it.

Today’s Soul Advice: Seek out stress relief. Search for the things that help release tension in your body, mind, and soul. Be they little things that bring you joy or big things like a spa day, you deserve to do stuff that helps relieve your day’s stresses. It’s not selfish; it’s practical for healthy living!