Sagittarius Horoscope

Mar 6, 2021… Sagittarians will likely be breaking out the charm today. Engaging those around you in witty conversation should be fun for them and effortless for you. It would be no surprise if you were the most interesting person in the room. Hanging out with some like-minded, intelligent people who love to talk and have a good time can really make your weekend great. Alone? Get your golden way with words down on paper — you never know how it will bring you closer to your intentions tomorrow.

Today’s Soul Advice: When life gives you a handful of lemons, always remember that what you do with them is up to you — and your choice might not be to make lemonade. You could grumpily sit by and watch them rot, or even lash out at others by throwing lemons at them (please don’t!). Or you could make the best of the sour fruit and whip up some delicious lemony treats or squeeze a little in your tea. Remember that with the right mindset, you can make the best out of the sourest situations.