Sagittarius Horoscope

Sep 22, 2020… Tensions could start out riding just below the surface for Sagittarians today. Find moments to center yourself today so that stress and anxiety don’t creep up on you. Slip away to relax and unwind, or even meditate if you have the time. Uncomfortable emotions can only take hold if you hold them in or allow them to take over. Remember that you can choose your reactions and let your vibe grow. Let the brightest part of you shine, and the rest will follow.

Today’s Soul Advice: We all experience loneliness. It is part of the human condition to yearn for warm interactions. When loneliness creeps in, we must remind ourselves of the love that tethers us to others, even when they aren’t there. There is a greater love in our soul that cannot be measured that connects us all. Love is the warmth that loosens the icy grip of loneliness.