Short Term Stress Could Mean Long Term Happiness

Short Term Stress Could Mean Long Term Happiness

( – Is stress stopping you from doing new, exciting things? It’s okay. Here’s some good news…

Good Stress (Yes, It exists!)

There are both good and bad stressors in life. We are built to handle life’s sticks and stones, but when life throws a curveball, things can get a bit more uncomfortable.

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Embracing Stress–It Could Actually Make You Better

So, what’s the difference? Learning something new is a good stressor, for example. It is a great place to start to embrace good stress. You come out on the other side with a new skill or new piece of knowledge and are stronger for having lived through the short-term discomfort.

Do you want to take a class? Learn a new instrument? Make simple step out of your comfort zone? These are all stressful, but in a good way.

What Science Says About Good Stress

Back in 2009, the Journal of Happiness Studies found that people who spent time on activities that made them more competent, more efficient, or more social were temporarily unhappy while in the depths of those challenges. Their long-term levels of happiness over the course of days and weeks, though, were higher.

What? A long-term happiness bump? Yes, please!

Short-term unhappiness caused by temporary stress basically improves your life for the better, and you can start right now.

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