Simple Tricks for a Quick Boost of Happiness

Simple Tricks for a Quick Boost of Happiness
Simple Tricks for a Quick Boost of Happiness

You: YIKES. Boredom! Stress! No more steam! HELP!

Us: WE GOT YOU! Here are some quick things you can do to give yourself a little boost whenever you need.

Take a walk.

Did your morning stress you to the max? Take a quick 15 or 20 minute walk on your lunch break. Make it brisk. Get away from the office drama and gossip and enjoy some fresh air.

Text your bestie.

Text a friend and tell her how amazing she is. You’ll likely have a quick, positive exchange that will brighten both of your moods for the rest of the day.

Listen to a favorite song.

This works best if it is an uplifting, positive song or one with a quick, fun beat. Sing along; dance around your house; or just sit and enjoy. Whatever makes you feel good.

Strike a yoga pose.

Even beginners can find tons of yoga tutorials online. Find a simple and relaxing yoga pose and focus on it for two or three minutes. Your coworkers may look at you funny, but a quick stretch and a bit of focused breathing may really help.

Shake up your routine.

It doesn’t need to be a massive change, especially if you only have a few minutes to work with. It’s as simple as ordering a different afternoon beverage or taking the stairs instead of the elevator. It may not be exciting but you’ll feel empowered and you may end up with a few extra minutes to simply focus and regroup.

You may not be able to make your coworkers more tolerable and you may not be able to hang up on that rude client, but you can certainly spend a few minutes throughout your day giving yourself a little self-care. You’re worth it.

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