The Benefits of Doing Something That Scares You

The Benefits of Doing Something That Scares You

( – Staying in our comfort zone is easy. Inside of it we find what we know as safe. But, choosing familiar over the taste of new experiences can rob you of joyful moments that you deserve.

So, even if you’ve got a good reason to stay in your comfort zone, there’s an even bigger reason to step out.

If overcoming fear isn’t enough motivation, consider the adrenaline rush. Fear creates a fight or flight sensation. Use it to propel you into new experiences, and soon enough, you’ll be searching for more challenges and wondering what else is out there.

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Without stepping out of my comfort zone, I would never have gotten over my biggest fear: driving in Chicago. The first time I drove there, I was rear-ended. The car was totaled and my future was then put on hold.

My life was altered and I swore I would never drive there again. Then, 20 years later, after traveling all over the US and having successfully avoided driving in the Windy City, I found myself answering a call to help… a call that meant that I would have to return to Chicago…

I made the drive, white-knuckling it all the way. No cars aimed for my truck. No one died, and except for the shock of the cost of toll roads, nothing went wrong. In fact, it was a pretty successful trip. Having faced what was surely the worst fear of my life, I wondered how much I had missed by avoiding the cultural kaleidoscope of Chicago.

“Do one thing every day that scares you.”

Just imagine… realizing that you’ve overcome a fear with nothing but positive results. From that day forward, fear existed only as a warning of obvious threats or a challenge to overcome. The anticipation of what might happen is almost always worse than what really will or even can happen.

The thing that many people fear most is failure. But, failure is nothing more than learning what doesn’t work for ONE desired outcome. It can often lead to better outcomes you never expected.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, these days we’ll make that drive just because really, no one makes pizza like Chicago does.

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