Which Thoughts Are Creating Your Problems?

Which Thoughts Are Creating Your Problems
Which Thoughts Are Creating Your Problems

(HappierDaily.com) – Some thoughts make us feel good. Others, not so much. The big news is that with a simple technique, you can actually fill your head with good thoughts and learn to dump the bad ones not serving you. Here’s how it’s done happy people…

The Law of Attraction: Thoughts Become Reality

There is a strong connection between our inner thoughts and our outer experiences. Most thoughts come to life in a big chain reaction. We think it, then we subconsciously allow it, create it, or attract it to our lives.

It’s like how the more you complain about things, the more you have to complain about, but the more grateful you are, the more you’ll have to be grateful for… Sometimes we just get caught up in our own thinking and we create situations we’d rather not have. So how do we stop that from happening?

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What Thoughts CAUSE Our Problems?

Sometimes our brains kick on auto pilot. It’s smart, it recognizes familiar situations and picks up patterns pretty easily. The more we go into those situations, whether it’s intentional or not, our brains learn how to react and the more we react the same way, it trains our brains to make it a habit. It creates a sort of cycle that can either be serving you well or not. So how do you recognize the good cycles versus the bad ones?

Next time you’re caught in a familiar situation, pause for a second. Feel yourself getting frustrated, and just listen to the thoughts as they come. Be mindful of whose voices are in your head telling you what to think. Some times it’s our our voice, sometimes it’s other people’s voice, maybe our parents, and ex-lover, someone from our childhood who had a lot of impact good or bad.

Either way, we get used to thinking a certain way, and we don’t stop to question it… that’s part of the problem. After gaining a little more awareness into whose voices are in our head, we can often combat negative, trouble-maker thoughts with more positive, realistic, and supportive thoughts.

What Thoughts ERASE Our Problems?

First: Confident thoughts. “I’ve got this.” “I have faith in myself.” Doubt in yourself only stalls your progress. It’s simple. You’ve made it this far, you can go further.

Second: “I’m in control of which thoughts I value.” We have lots of voices in our heads telling us things good and bad all the time. But who gets the final say? The final approval and audit of what makes the cut? YOU! You’re the ultimate authority over what goes in your mind and consequently, your world!

Third: “This is going to be a good lesson…” Labeling your struggles badly can only make them seem worse, and feel worse too. Some struggles in life though aren’t really such bad “problems” to have, and you can find more power to get through them calling them “lessons,” “hurdles,” or something else that doesn’t frame them in your mind as inherently bad. “Temporary” is also a good substitute name, too. 😉

Fourth: Giving more thought to the solutions of problems than the problems themselves can redirect your mind from negative places to more positive, productive ones. To get started thinking of some solutions, think:

– What’s standing in my way? What are some ways I can knock it down?
– What do I want more of? Where do I want to be?
– What advice would I give a friend in my position?
– Are my thoughts now helping me to get to where I want to be?

Designing a Better Frame of Mind

Thoughts are things too, and things get cluttered when we don’t clear out what we no longer use or need. Get rid of the thoughts you don’t like and imagine up some new ones that suit your true self better. It doesn’t matter how long we’ve had a negative thought pattern or a problem, we can begin to make a shift today. Changes take place – right here, right now – in your own mind.

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