Which Thoughts Are Creating Your Problems?

Which Thoughts Are Creating Your Problems
Which Thoughts Are Creating Your Problems

Some thoughts make us feel good. Others, not so much. The big news is that with a simple technique, you can actually fill your head with good thoughts and dump the bad ones. Here’s how it’s done happy people…

The Law of Attraction: Thoughts Become Reality

There is a strong connection between our inner thoughts and our outer experiences — Most thoughts come to life in a big chain reaction through our actions. Sometimes we get caught up in our own thinking processes, though, and we create roadblocks for ourselves. So how do we stop that from happening?

What Thoughts CAUSE Our Problems?

We have automated thought patterns, or voices in our heads that tell us how to think. Some times it’s our our voice, sometimes it’s those of other people. Either way, we get used to thinking a certain way, and we don’t stop to question it… that’s part of the problem.

What Thoughts ERASE Our Problems?

First: Knowing you’ve got this. And you definitely do, so don’t even THINK about doubting yourself for a second. You’ve made it this far, you can go further.


Second: Remembering you are the only person who thinks in your mind. That makes you the ultimate authority over what goes in your world!

Third: Problems are only problems if you call them that. Labeling them badly gives them power over your life. More names for problems are “lessons,” “obstacles,” oh, and “temporary” is a good name, too.

Fourth: Giving more thought to the solutions of problems than the problems themselves can redirect the mind from negative places to more positive, productive ones, sending troubles out the door. To get started thinking of some solutions, think:

-What’s standing in my way? How do I knock it down?
– What do I want more of? Where do I want to be?
– What advice would I give a friend in my position?
– Is what’s on my mind now helping me to get to where I want to be? If not, go back to the first question.


Designing a Better Frame of Mind

Thoughts are things too, and things get cluttered when we don’t clear out what we no longer use or need. Get rid of the thoughts you don’t like and imagine up some new ones that suit your true self better. It doesn’t matter how long we’ve had a negative thought pattern or a problem, we can begin to make a shift today. Changes take place – right here, right now – in our own minds. Your problem no longer needs to be the truth for you. It can completely fade away and disappear if you want it to.

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