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Whose Opinion Matters Most?
Whose Opinion Matters Most?

( – Everybody seems to have an opinion, but whose opinion really matters when you’re the one who has to make a decision?

Sometimes it’s nice to hear that someone’s on the same page as us. It helps us to feel like everything’s okay and can confirm our own beliefs when we’re on the fence. But what are we supposed to think when people’s opinions make us feel conflicted?

Well, what advice would you give a friend in your situation? Answering that can often get you grounded back to what you really think is right. Don’t doubt yourself if people have different views than you do. They always will. In the end, just trust your gut. It knows you best.

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People’s opinions are reflections of themselves — and because of that, your own opinion is probably best for you, and other people’s opinions are probably just best for them, too. You don’t need anyone’s permission to feel what you feel or to think what you think. You are entitled to your opinions just as much as anyone else is entitled to theirs.

What do you do when you totally don’t agree with someone’s advice?

Sometimes people who try to help us just miss the mark… Whether you choose to take the advice or not, it may help you to just listen first, process later, and act last. You don’t have to go through with what someone else’s says, but there IS an advantage to gaining new perspectives in life. We’re all different in our own ways and the diversity makes the world go round…

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