Aquarius Horoscope

Mar 17, 2019… Today’s energy will be about romance, Aquarius, and you won’t need a partner to catch these vibes. A good movie or book might do the trick and leave you with a warm sense of wonder that will have you smiling when you think of it. If you have a partner to share a romantic moment with, tonight could be deep. That’s all we’re saying — deep. Remember, some of the best connections are emotional, even by yourself. Enjoy every minute of it.

Today’s Soul Advice: Perspective can make all the difference. Perhaps you see the burnt remains of a forest and mourn for the loss of what once was, or maybe instead you marvel at the new life waiting to take root in the nutrient-rich ashes. You see, you can choose to be stuck longing for the past or you can decide to look optimistically towards the future. You have the power to change your perspective.

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