Virgo Horoscope

Jun 23, 2024… Virgos will likely have more drive and determination than usual today. Pour all that energy into any half-done projects before you start new ones. Otherwise, you could end up feeling guilty for adding yet another task to your already full plate. Help someone else out if there’s time, but don’t neglect what you need to do for yourself. The sky is the limit today. How will you craft your upcoming new week into something amazing?

Today’s Soul Advice: Some people believe that having to press restart on things is akin to admitting failure. This isn’t true! Starting over is the bravest way to say that you’ve tried, you’ve learned, and you want to try again with your new knowledge. You aren’t a failure for knowing when to pick up the pieces and start again – you are courageous and smart for it. Reboot with pride.


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