Be More Selfish For Your Own Good

Be more selfish for your own good

( – There comes a point in life where we find that we don’t prioritize ourselves enough. Whether it hits you at 71, 65, 45, or even 25, you might feel spread too thin, and that feeling over time just can make a person miserable. The good news — there are some tricks to avoid that feeling. Tell you in a sec…

When Selfless Turns Sour
There are tons of reasons people put others first. You may justify it with the fact that other people need you, or you’re just naturally a selfless person. Those are all good qualities until you start to suffer out of your own kindness. And when you start to suffer, the help you can give suffers too. What you once maybe thought was a win for them can turn lose-lose for the both of you if you’re run down!

What is Actually Selfish?
Selfless people tend to feel selfish for some pretty basic things but that’s usually not the case. LifeHack laid out some characteristics here that tell you whether or not you might be selfish. Chances are… I doubt it.

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Taking Care of Yourself (The Minimum)
Let’s get down to the bare necessities here. What do you need to do before you can really be there for others?

  • Food. Water. Movement. Mindset. Pause. Sometimes we get so busy we forget to eat. We forget to hydrate, or if we’re grinding out work, we forget to pause, get up and move around, too.Doing too much too quickly, having too many people around or doing whatever else you in your selfless ways can be a quick recipe for overstimulation and exhaustion.

How to Say No and Feel Good About It

So when you need some you time, there are a couple ways to do it without feeling bad about it afterward. Check them out here.

Remember – Your Time is Valuable
We’re not getting any younger. It’s intense, but, our heartbeats are numbered, people! As we age especially, we start the natural need to take more care of ourselves, and we start to just slow down, too. You might feel like you can’t get as much done as you used to, and that can be frustrating all on its own. (AKA not the time to take on more and more for other people.) You are just as important as them and you deserve the same care you give, too.

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