Capricorn Horoscope

Jul 31, 2021… Today’s energy will be all about balance between duty and fun. Since Capricorns tend to be the ones who like to see things get done, the day could start off with the feeling of being the only grown-up in the room. No worries. Make a note to self to wrap up your to-do list and plan some Saturday fun. When your responsibilities are cleared for today, take a little time to let down your hair and seek out some enjoyment if you can swing it. Go be silly and leave the adult stuff behind — at least until tomorrow.

Today’s Soul Advice: Your past does not define who you are now, nor who you will be. It doesn’t matter where you are coming from, all that matters is what path you choose to take to the future. Be sure to listen to your soul along the way, the real you will always guide you in the right direction.