Libra Horoscope

Sep 23, 2020… Libras could start out with an extra dose of frustration today. Things can work themselves out, but will your inner voice make that happen more quickly or slowly? Your self-talk can make or break your day, so take a moment to be sure your inner dialog is helping out in a positive way. If you’re at a loss for words, you can always resort to “keep going, you can do it.” You know why? Because you can!

Today’s Soul Advice: Even our favorite superheroes face challenges and obstacles. What we forget is that they don’t often overcome the big challenges without the help of a sidekick. So, if you’re facing a situation alone, remember that even the strongest of us reach out for help from time to time. It doesn’t mean you’re weak if you need a hand or that you can’t handle a problem on your own. In fact, you are pretty super for knowing when it is time to ask for a little assistance.