Gemini Horoscope

Jul 4, 2022… Geminis may get lost in their own thoughts today. You could have trouble paying attention or staying on track. Geminis can have a gift for being able to entertain a lot of different thoughts at once — but productivity pays the bills. To be safe, better write down your top 3 objectives for the day and keep them front and center as a reminder of what really needs to get done. Using that beautiful mind of yours to do great work can be as smooth as you want it to be.

Today’s Soul Advice: If you’re getting older, it can seem like a total drag sometimes — especially on those really rough days where everything hurts a little more than usual and staying in bed seems like the best option. Aging, while it brings aches and pains, also gives us epic wisdom and innumerable memories to appreciate. On your extra tough days, don’t forget about those good parts of the aging process.


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