Gemini Horoscope

Aug 23, 2019… You can feel as if you’re entered an alternate universe today where the natives don’t get your sense of humor. Geminis are known for being able to turn a few words into some epic humor that can have people rolling on the floor in stitches. Yet, those around you may seem to have lost their sense of humor today. Watching your words so that you’re not taken too seriously can be a challenge, but keep on smiling with that twinkle in your eye. Your humor has the potential to catch on and become infectious.

Today’s Soul Advice: Your mindset in the morning affects your whole day. When you get up, do you groan and moan? If so, your day is all but guaranteed to be complaint-worthy. If instead you wake up and think, “Time for another day of chances to shine! Where will it take me this time?” then you’ve just ensured that you’ll bounce back from any mishaps and embrace all the awesome moments.