5 Things All Women Want to Hear

5 Things All Women Want to Hear

(HappierDaily.com) – Do you have a woman in your life? Odds are that you do and that you want her to be happy. Wife, mother, daughter, or friend — it doesn’t matter. Every woman appreciates a genuine compliment, kind word, or gesture of appreciation. No matter your relationship with her, here are a few things to say to that are extra special to make her feel valued. Consider the following the next time you’re talking to a special woman in your life:

One: I really value your opinion on this, what do you think?

Her confidence will soar when she knows you value her intelligence. Give it a try, and see her eyes light up! Knowing you value her ideas may spark her to share more of her perspectives and light with you and will likely bring you closer.

Two: You inspire me – I’m amazed by how you ___.

Acknowledging certain things she does will make her feel awesome. Do you value her grace? Her strength? Go on, tell her how amazing she really is. Women thrive off feeling valued.

Three: I love spending time with you.

This one doesn’t have to be romantic. It tells her that her characteristics and qualities are good. It’s comforting, plus it’s nice to know that you are a person people like to be around.

Four: You always look so put together; I love how you __.

When people notice her new hairstyle or outfit, it tells her the effort she put in is worthwhile. Compliments can warm a woman’s heart.

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Five: I appreciate you and when you ___.

A lot of women feel under-appreciated. So if you want to see her smile, let her know how much you value her and why.

Women like to feel like a cherished and valued part of your life, and these five phrases are such simple ways to spread joy.

What is (at least) one thing you love about a special woman in your life?

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