5 Things All Women Want to Hear

5 Things All Women Want to Hear
5 Things All Women Want to Hear

Do you have a woman in your life? Odds are that you do and that you want her to be happy. Wife, partner, daughter, or friend — it doesn’t matter. Every woman appreciates a genuine compliment, kind word, or gesture of appreciation. No matter your relationship with her, you can do a very things that are extra special to make her feel valued and cared about. Consider the following the next time you’re talking to a special woman in your life:

One: I really value your opinion…

Ask her for her opinion and let her know you’re asking because you value her intelligence and perspective on life.

Two: I’m amazed by…

Fill in the blank with something specific, not just the word “you.” Show her that you see and recognize the things she does daily. Do you value her intelligence? Her strength? Tell her how amazing she really is.

Three: You’re my best friend.

This is especially important if you’re talking about a romantic relationship. It’s important to have both love and a strong friendship. Remind her from time to time that she’s your number one pal.

Four: You look amazing; I love…

Compliment her, but include something specific like her new hair-style or her new outfit. Let her know you appreciate the effort she puts into her appearance.

Five: I love you.

Sometimes, we forget to say those three simple words. The more committed your relationship, the more you should be saying it. Remind her of what she means to you. You may think it is implied in the things you do, but hearing it can mean the world to her.

Put some thought into the things you say to the women you care about. They will feel like a cherished and valued part of your life, and it is such a simple way to spread some joy.

What is (at least) one thing you love about a special woman in your life?

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