The “Real Friend” Checklist


The people we spend our free time with will end up influencing the quality of our lives. So, it’s a really good idea to choose wisely when it comes to friends. Are we suggesting you ditch certain friends? Absolutely. Some relationships just need to go if they don’t pass the Happier Daily good friend checklist.

Here are the key characteristics to look for in better friends:

1) People Who Clean Up After the Party
Lots of “friends” will show up for the party, but those who will stay after without being asked to clean up, hold your hair while you puke or bring you food while you’re sick– that’s a real friend. The rest simply show up for the fun stuff and check out when things get real.

2) People Who Know When to Shut Up
In the research we’ve done, it’s clear that these loud and dramatic types steal too much from us; such as our time, our peace-of-mind, and our sanity. How do you put a price on that? They tend to make better entertainers than they do friends.

3) People Who Make Things Happen
Resourceful, goal-oriented people who make things happen tend to make great friends too. They push themselves and will naturally help push you to be the best you can be too.

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4) People Who Don’t Leave You Guessing
They will say what they mean and mean what they say. You won’t have guess or worry what they will do in most situations. They will try their best, they’ll admit when they’re wrong and are willing to give credit where credit is due.

We hope this helps you find out who your real friends are.

Who would you do these things for? Who would do these things for you?

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