How to Get Out Of A Funk

5 Ways to Improve Your Happiness Overnight

( – Feeling blue? Looking for a way to turn your blues into a better day? We all face challenges that put us to the test. But there’s good news: You can change your mood in just a few moments. Once you know the simple steps, you can use them anytime.

1) Turn Up the Oxygen
You need enough oxygen to turn your mood positive. You probably think you’re breathing just fine right now. Odds are, if you’re not in a great mood, you’re probably shallowly breathing if not holding your breath. Whether your mood is good or not, take a deep breath–right now! Okay, that feels better already. Next…

2) Pull Out Your Happy List
What is a happy list? We seem to have no problem remembering all the bad things that happen–this is just a list of things you’re happy about–things that went right, things you’re proud of, things you’re grateful for, etc. A simple little list takes just a few minutes to write and only seconds to read. I keep mine in my phone so I can pull it out anytime, anywhere.

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3) Treat Yourself to Something Sweet
Sweet treats get a bad rap. Providing you don’t over do it, you can often turn your mood around by treating yourself to something you enjoy–just not too much of it. Eating something that is high in carbs releases serotonin, one of our feel-good chemical released by the brain.

4) Give It Away
If you’re feeling bad about something, you’re not alone. There are people all around you who are also struggling. By helping someone else out, the focus goes from your problems to solving someone else’s problem. Your brain responds by releasing endorphins, creating a sense of joy that brings on a helper’s high. Even giving someone a hug can do it, and it costs absolutely nothing.

Take a few of these tips into consideration today and you’ll be feeling more positive in minutes.

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