How to Be Happier in the Next 2 Minutes

How to Be Happier in the Next 2 Minutes

( – It turns out, people are only as happy as they think they are.

A woman living in the African desert with no front door, no carpet, no running water and no electricity was asked in an interview if there is anything at all that could make her happier. Her answer was no. In her mind she is as happy as she could be. She felt fortunate to have a home and food when others were homeless and hungry.

How many outwardly successful people do we all know who are miserable?

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Why are people unhappy? Because they think they are…
Why are people happy? Because they think they are…

Happiness is under our own control through what we think about.

In addition to thinking your way to happiness, another quick way to feel better about yourself is to help someone who is in real need.

No time or money to help? Just think about them! They are real. While you read this on your Mac, PC, or Mobile phone, they are wondering if they will eat, be beaten, or live another day. Forget about unhappiness, you don’t have time for that.

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