Why You Need Face to Face Time More than FaceTime

Why You Need Face to Face Time More than FaceTime

It isn’t rocket science. Spending time with actual human beings is good for us. A simple phone call, a quick stop for lunch, a family dinner, even a weekend road trip — it all counts.

Well, almost.

Social media doesn’t count. Social media is a great way to keep in touch, but only on a very superficial level. It does very little to help you connect to those you know and love in a truly intimate way. As a matter of fact, the overwhelmingly positive nature of many of the things we see on social media can often cause stress.

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Sure, it is great for finding your 3rd grade bestie or people with common interests. However, once you connect through social media, it is even better to talk outside of posts, meme shares, and updates.

True, honest connections breed love.

So next time you’re thinking about your cousin on the other side of the country make a choice. Will you send her a Facebook message she may or may not reply to because it gets lost in the fray or will you pick up the phone and give her a call? Will you call your grandma to say hello or will you simply swing by her house with a smile and a hug? Pokes just don’t replace an embrace.

The choice is yours, but we guarantee you’ll be a lot happier if you start cultivating deeper personal relationships — in person.