How to Get and Stay Motivated

8 Overlooked Strategies for Motivation

( – There are two things that are for certain when it comes to motivation.

1- We all struggle to be motivated all the time.
2- To really be successful, it’s important to be motivated by the right things… When you are, you’ll never be happier. When it’s for the wrong reasons, like pleasing other people or just being in something for the money, then you’ll keep questioning why you’re not satisfied.

To unlock mounds of happiness…

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1. Ask Yourself “Why?”

Most people can’t immediately answer when asked what motivates them, or if they can, the first thing people say is often superficial. Many respond with “money,” but money is just a means to an end. Why money? You earn it because you want to do something with it. So what are those things you need the money for? Why did you pursue the career or job you’re in now?

Once you clarify what you really want, you’ll find a drive inside that wants to go faster than it already is. If nothing else, watch this video to dive deeper and unlock your truest motivation.

2. Challenge your fears.

Are irrational fears keeping you from doing what you want? This is the case for a lot of people, and it is the number one killer of motivation. Challenge yourself to face your fears, one small step at a time. When you would avoid facing your fears, ask yourself how much control you want these things to have over your life.

Life is simply too short to go through it paralyzed by fear.

3. Take real breaks.

Vacations can help you reset yourself and avoid feeling burnt out. Vacations can be simple, too– a “vacation” to the bathtub may just do the trick. Just disconnect from your old routine and explore new experiences. Adding unfamiliarity and unique experiences to your memories can give you a completely new viewpoint. Even just a weekend away from all the usual responsibilities can leave you feeling refreshed and brimming with new ideas. These new ideas can renew your interest in tasks or life in general so that you are more inclined to focus on them.

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