7 Things To Do Each Night To Be Happier Daily

10 Things To Do Each Night To Be Happier Daily

(HappierDaily.com) – There are so many ways to start your day with a positive outlook, but have you ever considered how important it can be to go to bed with a smile on your face? There are actually several simple things you can do each night to wake up the next morning feeling better.   

1. Tidy Up

First things first: tidy up the area where you rest. You don’t need a model home-ready room to be happy, but try to clear clutter off the dresser to reduce that “noise” near your bed.

2. Pay Your Sleep Debts

It’s true that science shows sleep is essential to health and happiness. However, when you have an opportunity to stay up a little later for some good, old fashioned fun, go for it. Treat yourself. Just remember, sleep debt needs to be paid back.

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3. Do a Quick Stretch

Exercise is a great way to improve your mood, and gentle stretches before bed can loosen your muscles so you’re not feeling stiff all night long. You’ll wake up with a positive attitude and a relaxed posture.

4. Take Some Quiet Time 

Before bed, create a few minutes of “you” time to be quiet. You may want to read, meditate, or completely clear your thoughts and stare at the wall. Allow your brain to wind down.

5. Write 3 Things That Went Right

Just before you go to sleep, write three things that went right that day. It can be something simple like “I remembered my mother in law’s birthday.” You will be amazed how looking at a list of your little successes each day can program your mind to look for the positive.

6. Write The 3 Most Important Things To Do Tomorrow

Write the 3 most important things you need to get done tomorrow and you’ll sleep like a baby. By making a note, you’ll remove the stress of forgetting, you can solve problems in your dreams and wake up knowing exactly what to do the next day.

7. Shut Off The Screens

Studies are now linking nighttime screen time to insomnia. If you’re used to sleeping with the television on, try to break this habit. Instead, you might find that putting on soft music is a soothing alternative–but nothing with lyrics. It’s very dangerous to allow an audible messages to program your mind unless you’re awake and paying attention.

Pair these ideas with common methods for starting your day off with a positive outlook, and you will build up a strong defense against the blues!

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