6 Things to Do For Wisdom and Peace of Mind

The Key to Compassion

(HappierDaily.com) – As we age, we tend to worry less and begin to understand more. We can develop a wisdom and compassion that not all younger people have, and it gives us an overall happier perspective and deeper understanding of life as it is.

But what if you could unlock a deeper sense of wisdom earlier in your life? It’s easier than you might think, all you have to do is practice a little compassion. Here’s how:

For a bit of wisdom…

  1. Pay attention to the people around you. Let them know you see and hear them. Stay focused and actively engaged in conversations and don’t change the subject too soon. This makes people feel understood and like their time is being valued.
  2. Remember where you came from, especially when working with others. You are knowledgeable and experienced because you’ve lived your own life and have a unique experience from which you can offer helpful advice. Remembering the trials and errors of your own life will help you to identify with those who are just going through their own motions for the first time. Offer support and guidance, but let them make their own choices.
  3. Be there for others. Help them, whether that means with donations of your time or material goods. It’s been shown with scientific certainty that people who help others — especially for those that can’t return the kindness — are simply happier people.
  4. Be conscious of the things you say, keeping in mind that the way you say things is often more powerful than the words themselves. Speak in kindness, no matter how upset you may be. Find balance between wanting to be right and the greater goal of having a more peaceful life Sometimes it’s easier to accept defeat than to let it upset you more.

and peace of mind…

  1. Embrace a morning ritual in which you write in a gratitude journal, meditate, or focus on the things you truly appreciate in your life.
  2. Chasing life’s mile markers is overrated. You don’t have to wait for old age to harness the peaceful and happy mindset of compassion and wisdom. Instead, focus your time on exercising compassion and making your mark on the lives of those who are just beginning. Allow appreciation and compassion to pave your road to a healthier peace of mind.

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