How to Cope With The Loss of a Loved One

How to Cope With The Loss of a Loved One

(HappierDaily) – When we lose people in our lives, unfortunately there is no simple way to make the pain just go away. Everyone is different, and there’s no right or wrong way to grieve, but as someone who has gone through my share of loss too, I’d like to share these 4 ways I’ve used to work through my feelings in hopes that it may help you if you experience a loss in your life.

To sum up — I’ve learned that grief is there for a reason. It helps us heal in the long run, no matter how hard and terrible things may be at the moment. I’ve learned that letting out the emotion and pain you feel when you’ve lost someone or when you’ve been going through any other traumatic experience may ease your mind and calm the nerves when it feels like nothing else is helping. With that, here are 4 things that may bring you some comfort during such a difficult time:

Channel Your Feelings

Whatever allows you to channel your energy into something productive and personal to you can help you work through those feelings. Exercising, writing, doing art, listening to music, or building things might help you. They’ve helped me. Turning grief into an art form turns your feelings into something tangible.

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Even if the the idea is not to channel your sad feelings into something, it can at least get your mind off the sadness. Masking the pain is nothing but a band-aid. Letting your emotion out could help you heal faster than holding it all together all the time.


People say that funerals are for the living and that’s true. Funerals, memorial services, luncheons, and other ritualistic gatherings are put together so that those who knew your departed loved one can come together, comfort each other, and share memories. Sharing loving or funny memories of your loved one can turn the sadness of loss to a celebration of life.

Participating in even one of these things can help you find solace and comfort. If groups make you uncomfortable or you simply can’t do it for whatever reason, consider creating your own ritual. Light a candle or do something special that you know they would love in their name.

Get It Out

Oftentimes it can feel like you have to be the strong one and hide your feelings and grief whether its because of family, work deadlines or what ever else. Yet not caring for your own needs during a rough time can make your journey through grief even longer and more difficult. Take the time, even if it’s for 30 seconds to just fall apart if you need to. Scream into a pillow or find a family member or friend and talk it out. It feels good to have someone listen, even if just to share the memories. If you aren’t quite getting the comfort and support you need from family and friends, do not be afraid to seek professional counseling for additional help and advice.

The Takeaway

You are entitled to your feelings. Give them their own time and space and acknowledge them or they might not get better. Let them out; express them. Allowing your feelings to fester without dealing with your grief can lead to not only mental and emotional issues, but physical problems as well caused by the stress. It’s important to give yourself the time to cope, grieve, and heal.

What helps or has helped you get through a tough loss?

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