How to Cope With The Loss of a Loved One

How to Cope With The Loss of a Loved One
How to Cope With The Loss of a Loved One

Losing someone is a profound experience. There is no simple way to make the pain of the loss of someone near and dear to you simply go away, but allowing your feelings to fester without dealing with your grief can lead to not only mental and emotional issues but physical problems as well caused by the stress. It’s important to give yourself the time to cope, grieve, and heal. While everyone is different, and there’s no right or wrong way to grieve, but here are 4 ways to work through your feelings if you feel lost and don’t know what direction to go.

Participate in Rituals

People say that funerals are for the living and that’s true. Funerals, memorial services, luncheons, and other ritualistic gatherings are put together so that those who knew your departed loved one can come together, comfort each other, and share memories. Try to participate in at least one of these and find solace in the support network available to you. If groups make you uncomfortable or you simply can’t do it for whatever reason, consider creating your own ritual. Light a candle or do something special that you know they would love in their name.

Chose Productive Outlets

Alcohol and drugs may numb your pain but that relief will be very temporary and could start you down a slippery slope towards additional agony or addiction. Masking your pain is nothing but a band-aid. You’re eventually going to have to rip it off in order to heal, which can be even more painful in the long run. You are entitled to your feelings and you need to feel them to work them through. Exercise, writing, art, or build something — whatever allows you to channel that energy into something productive and personal to you can help you work through those feelings. Putting your feelings of grief into an artform turns them into something tangible.

Talk to Someone

Often, it can feel like you have to be the strong one or hide your feeling and grief. Yet, pushing people away or not caring for your own needs during a rough time can make your journey through grief even more difficult. Find a family member or friend you can talk to about your loved one; it feels good to have someone listen, even if just to share the memories. If you aren’t quite getting the comfort and support you need from family and friends, do not be afraid to seek professional counseling for additional help and advice.


  1. Time seems to heal all wounds .although we never forget our loved ones who are no longer with us we must continue to go on living.our loved ones know that we loved them and they would want us to get on with our hurts quite a bit but our loved ones will always be in our is good to pray and talk to GOD and it is also great to talk to someone to get it out in the open.all of this really helps to lighten your can be comforted knowing that your loved ones are with the LORD and they are angels looking down to protect you.this really helps

    • Sorry for your loss Alan. What does one do when Friends disappear n don’t return calls as they don’t know what to say? I have No family left n am 56 years old. Three brothers passed at 21, 31 n 44 years old. I’m just Numb daily I Pray everyday n There is No places in Florida that they Truly have counseling unless you have lots of $$ to pay for it. Take care n Love your True Friends for being a call away. Deb

  2. Thank You for this! I will use this advice. Sometimes I feel so alone in my home now that I get a lot of anxiety. I have had to call 911 just this week because I literally get afraid to be alone in my own house. I feel like I can’t breathe and I can not relax at all. Sometimes I call my pastor and he will talk with me and we will pray. This seems to help me a lot.

    • I lost my father almost three years ago and my mother almost a year ago.
      I do not have anyone to really talk to about my memories of them. I am not really social . My friends have their own families and lives. Prayer really is my only source of comfort. I aid in animal care . I speak with others that are struggling with their own grief. Anxiety is still a struggle after all this time and I realized it will continue to be. So I stop and I just breathe. I look around for God’s finger prints. I remind myself we are only on loan to one another for awhile and that all living things great and small are the property of the creator. I rest and relax in the presence of God.

    • Try doing something that involves deep breathing techniques like Yoga or meditation or pick an exercise that lets you do this

    • Hi Fred, I lost my younger brother 45 years ago there’s a days that it’s just sadness that never go away .when that happen I go and pray and asked god to heal me after that I’m ok the sadness goes away.

  3. personal loved loss can be and must be dealt with self only with time.
    there is no need to get angry, frustrated or depressed.
    we all have to die alone after coming in this world alone and single.
    death is inevitable after birth. birth is not.
    one day everything and all will perish and destroyed, human. animals, materials or immaterials including things in space.
    i do not know that anyone heard God, Seen God or else. It is Hypothetical.
    No one knows where heaven and or hale is, how big they are or whatever.
    under fear and influence, we just believe the story., enhanced by religions of all kinds in world.
    if there is one God then why all religious Gurus do not get together in world and find solutions.
    i coded my own son twice on two different days and declared him dead, lost mother in my hands, coded my older brother. i did not cried. i happily wish them eternity where ever.
    we all had done sin sometime in life, even while walking killed ants.
    we all must go to HALE in this case. all religious books says even thinking little bad is sin. once committed, it cannot be washed.
    there is no need to seek sympathy from anyone. they usually there for three days most and you do not hear from anyone.
    it is your loss, simple.
    Guys, get brave and practical.
    this type of article are okay to read. Reality of world is very different.

    • this poor country…. those with “Dr” before their name are not only spiritually dead but can’t spell or use any knowledge of English grammar.

  4. I like the positive suggestion especially going to the lord leaning on him for strength and direction it will be nine(9) yrs. next month I lost my mom I’m an only child and we were close I tell people dealing with the loss of a love one is a personal walk in your on time however long it takes, a personal walk with you and God

  5. Now a days, you can’t just lean on people.. They have a way of praying for your downfalls.. It’s hard to recover from the loss of my dear love one’s, especially my baby girl father who’ve passed away 1 1/2 year ago.. May baby girl is only four years old.. I gotta explain to get everyday..

  6. Suppesing it is the worst..”I’ll deal with it later” mentality only multiplies the pain. Allow yourself to do it NOW! There are many types of loss and the same suggestions above apply!

  7. Good advice and it’s always good to stay in prayer 🙏 and have a one on one with our Lord almighty,he will never leave you or lead you down the wrong road amen 🙇.


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