Work at Home? 3 Work-Life Balance Tips

Work at Home? 3 Work-Life Balance Tips

( – Working from home is a dream for some. However, remote employees, self-employed individuals, and entrepreneurs all face the same challenge when it comes to working from home – finding work-life balance. Though it may sometimes seem impossible to turn off your “work brain” after hours when home is also your office, there are a few ways that you can maintain work-life balance when working from home:

1. Create and maintain separate working and living spaces.
Sectioning off a designated spot in your home for work can help create a more productive work environment. This space should be separated from other personal space if possible. By “commuting” to this area of your home each morning, you can get yourself into the working mindset. Make sure that in addition to a designated work space, you also have work-free zones where you can relax and unwind when you’re not working.

2. Develop a daily routine, and stick to it.
When working from home it can be tempting to sleep in or start working before you’ve even changed out of pajamas. However, getting into a routine that more closely resembles a typical work day can help boost productivity and make it easier to separate work time and non-work time.

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3. Learn when to disconnect for the day.
Whether you change into sweatpants, make a coffee, or head to the gym, a ritual will help your brain better recognize when it is time to stop working for the day and relax. While some people claim it is important to establish general working hours to avoid burnout — others love to be able to work whenever they are feeling creative and productive. The best time to disconnect is when your creativity or energy runs out. If your creativity lasts 12 hours, go for it and get ahead. But the next day, if the you you’re having trouble getting into the groove, try unplugging and and enjoy the freedom that only working from home provides. That’s the biggest reason to get ahead when you can.

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