How to Schedule Happiness Into Your Daily Routine

3 Ways to Schedule Happiness Into Your Daily Routine

( – They say the years are short and the days are long… so how do we make the most out of both? Scheduling a little happiness in your routine will help you out with that:

Make a list of what makes you happy.
Make a list of what you do every day.
Adjust accordingly.

– Unknown

The most important thing:
Balance happiness and productivity

One of the clearest symptoms of the overly busy person is a constant sense of guilt about whether they should be somewhere else and doing something more productive. The sense that other things chip away at your productive time can be maddening. 3 things to do about that:

Be honest about the importance of your activities. Then, prioritize them. Schedule a minute to take care of yourself, too, or you won’t be able to do what you set out to do as best and as efficiently as you can!

Set a firm schedule for what you need to do. Setting a time to start and finish things can help you feel more in control.

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When you make that little sliver of time for yourself, fully enjoy what you’re doing. Work hard. Play hard. Don’t mix the two.

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