Got Anxiety? Clear It Out Quick By Doing This

( – It can feel like we’re being attacked by something we can’t escape from when we feel intense emotional pain or anxiety…

Unfortunately, too many of us have no foundational understanding on how to interact with emotions. It’s not our fault, really — we aren’t taught any of this in school…

So how do we naturally get over anxiety or intense emotions? Well, we’ll let you in on a little secret: going through pain rather than tip toeing around it or avoiding it can ease the pain much sooner. How is that even possible? Well, let us introduce you to a simple technique so you can see how it works for yourself:

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Healing with “EFT”…

Emotional Freedom Techniques, also known as EFTs, are a form of psychological acupressure — which in English, just means pressing spots on the body that calm the mind. EFT actually uses the same spots that traditional acupuncture has used over 5,000 years – just without the needles!

So How Is It Done?

It’s pretty simple really, using your fingers, you just tap along the key pressure points on your body. Tapping on our “meridians,” or energetic pathways throughout the body may help to calm and to relax us, helping to release intense feelings or anxiety. Sometimes it takes a couple rounds of EFT to fully eliminate stuck emotions – but the good thing is, it’s quick to do and each time you do the technique, it can noticeably take emotions down a few notches.

Some of our meridian points are: the side of your hand, the top of your head, right under your collar bones, your temples and cheek bones. By tapping or rubbing those parts on your body, you may be able to release a some of those emotions or anxiety. Some believe that this techniques works best in conjunction with saying positive things, like affirmations. See the video for more ideas…

OK, you may be thinking this idea is a little “out there” and weird… If anything though, it can simply serve as a mini self-massage which we all know has its benefits. This technique is just a little bit more strategic by literally tapping into our energy points in the body. If the whole “energy” idea is not something you believe in either, no worries, doing this still feels physically good, and….

You Can Use This EFT To Help Others, Too

The great thing about tapping is, you have the ability to do it for others who need relief. Whether they are immobile, trapped in a hospital bed, or maybe too young to understand – tapping their meridians for them can provide some good relief.

This is great news for parents, caretakers, and kind-hearted samaritans who want to help but may not know how, at first.

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