These Six Expenses are Secretly Draining Your Happiness

These Five Expenses are Secretly Draining Your Happiness

( – Expenses are unavoidable. It just costs money to live! Fortunately, you can choose to limit the wrong expenses, just by tweaking your budget a bit. Who doesn’t get stoked on saving a few bucks!? To do so, you’ll need to weed out less-than-stellar purchases. A few repeat buys can totally drain your happiness, and slowly–before you even notice, you’re underwater! Check out these budget busters which might be secretly eating away at your wellbeing.

Junk Food
Also called comfort food, junk food can vice-grip your happiness if you’re not careful. The next time you see the chips, the jerky or the candy, keep your hands in your pockets. Experts believe eating junk food can create feelings of guilt once the money is spent. Who needs guilt? Not you!

Bank Fees
Bank fees, for many, are silent killers. You should try a credit union, which is better than a bank in so many ways. You’ll save money on transaction fees, avoid the extra three to five-percent purchase up-charge and boost your happiness. You’d be surprised how many people silently sweat small withdrawal fees. They really add up.

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Bottled Water
We often buy these for their convenience factor. But many times, they’re nothing more than filtered tap water. To save money on water, consider using a filter of some sort – like a Brita pitcher – and washable bottles. There are also faucet mounts to filter your tap water for a great taste. Vending stations allow fills in 1 gallon, 3 gallon, and 5 gallon increments for as low as 25cents per gallon. There are so many better options than plastic bottles!

Extended Warranties
Just don’t do it. Extended warranties are a great way to worry about disasters that’ll never happen. The likelihood of your television catching on fire, or falling out of a window, is low. If its damage is small, you’ll save more time by buying a small repair job. Often, those “deals” don’t even cover accidents, anyway. You could pay for coverage that you’ll never be able to use.

Expensive or Excessive Gift Giving
You’ve heard the sayings “it’s the thought that counts” and “quality, not quantity,” before right? Gifts don’t have to be expensive or excessive to make a big impression. Many people feel that a thoughtful a gift beats an expensive one any day of the week.

Lottery Tickets
You’re better off working. While everyone has dreams of winning the lottery, few ever do. The anticipation might offer a nice rush, but repeat disappointments add up. Those quick picks and scratch-offs are just ways to throw your money away with very little, if any, benefit. Put your hard-earned money to good use, and invest it instead.

Taking control over a dollar here and there might not seem like much at first. Over time, you can see your savings or emergency fund grow more than you ever expected! Keep your extra money for the things you need and love, and boost your happiness by leaps and bounds!

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