How to Keep The Spark Alive In Your Friendships

7 Tips to Better Friendships

( – Feeling rusty in the friend department? Sometimes we think our friends don’t love us or need us. Perhaps our buds even seem to spend less time with us. Use these seven quick fixes to ditch the feelings of uncertainty and embrace those friendships instead.

1) Don’t Wait for Them To Call
When we wait on our friends to call us to make plans, we put ourselves in a position where we may sit by the phone. Life gets busy. Your friend may be thinking about calling you as much as you’re thinking about calling them. Don’t wait. Pick up the phone and make a plan.
2) Ask Them How They Are
It is in our human nature to keep some of our deepest secrets to ourselves. But sometimes we need to share to experience relief. Does your friend seem quiet? Ask them how they are. You may be giving them the outlet they need to release what’s on their mind.
3) Schedule Time With Friends
We get so busy with family and work, that we often forget to schedule time with friends. Make a plan at least once a month. Take a walk together, go to lunch together, or hit the sales for a fun shopping trip on a Sunday afternoon. Taking time with friends is the best therapy.
4) Do Something Kind for Them
They say when you do something kind for someone else that it feeds your soul, too. Take the time to send a card in the mail to thank your chum for their friendship. That small, but kind gesture just might be the very thing they needed to hear. (Or simply send them a text or voicemail — it’s quicker and gets the point across!, too)
5) Support Their Dreams
We all have dreams and desires, some of which we resist sharing for many reasons. Ask your friend about their dreams. Listen and support them. Share your encouragement and excitement as they share their deepest desires with you.
6) Accept Them As They Are
We are all different. Even our belief systems are different. Don’t challenge what your friend believes, but embrace those beliefs instead. Accept them as they are and they will do the same in return.
7) Respond With Love
In the toughest of times, we may want to tell our friends what they did wrong or what they could have done better. Instead of trying to fix or analyze the situation, just listen and understand. Listen from the heart and respond with love. No one is perfect, nor should they be reprimanded for their imperfections.

The best of friends stick together through thick and thin. Use these seven tips to better your friendships and watch your heart swell with joy.

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