Feeling Lonely? You Won’t After Reading This

Feeling Lonely? You Won’t After Reading This
Feeling Lonely? You Won’t After Reading This

Article at a Glance:

  • Loneliness hits all of us at different times of life, but awareness of it is the first step in combating the sensation.
  • Trying new, non-work-related and group-centered activities is a great way to surround yourself with new people.
  • Extending kindness to strangers will brighten your day and give you an opportunity to connect with someone different.
  • Make time for the activities you love but have been neglecting.

Do you get lonely now and then?

Sometimes you may feel the most alone in the middle of a crowd. You might feel lonely after moving to a new place or after the loss of someone close to you. Loneliness can come from many different places in your life, but is something you can cope with and overcome if you give it a try. You have to light the spark first, but a little time, patience, and effort can help you greet your days with a smile going forward.

Surround Yourself with New People

Taking that first step toward meeting new people can be a little hard, especially if you’re shy, but building relationships is an important step in fighting loneliness. One of the best ways to make new connections is by getting involved in activities outside of work. Try volunteering or joining a musical group, book club, or any other organizations in your area that interest you. Public groups like those on meetup.com and similar sites are a great way to try new things and meet new people with common interests, too. How cool would it be to do what you love and meet new people?

Be Kind

There’s a certain warm feeling of satisfaction that comes from helping others, and this feeling can often help combat loneliness. All it takes is one act of kindness to help boost your confidence and spread positivity to those around you. Once you feel the joy that one simple act of kindness brings, it creates a ripple effect not only to motivate you to do more, but for others to act kindly as well. Talk to the person waiting with you in the coffee shop, buy a snack or meal for the homeless man you pass everyday, or try to strike up a conversation with someone in a shared waiting room. Perhaps you’ll even make a new friend along the way. You’d be surprised just how “small” the world is just by getting to know the person next to you.

Do What You Love

Feeling lonely can tempt you neglect what you enjoy, but it usually won’t solve the problem. Activities you enjoy are outlets you can use to express your emotions. If you acknowledge that you’re lonely and channel it into something you feel passionate about like writing, art, or sports, it can help you refresh and clear your head.

Learning to love your own company? Priceless!

We’ve all felt lonely. Sometimes it’s simply a need to connect with a close family member or friend, but other times it runs deep and we need to take measures to fight it ourselves. Remember to keep being your wonderful and amazing self and you can outweigh your lonely days with joyful ones.

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