How to Spice Up Life When You’re Bored

4 Ways to Live a More Spontaneous Life

( – We are creatures of habit. We occasionally do something exciting but for the most part we tend to go through our daily routines on auto-pilot.

Shaking things up and having new experiences is what helps you to grow on a personal level. This doesn’t mean you have to do anything scary or risky, though. It simply means that from time to time, breaking out of your comfort zone and doing something a little less planned and a little more spontaneous can bump up your happy-meter.

Change up your routine.
Go to a different coffee shop. Take a new route to work. Call your mom or a friend out of the blue instead of at your regularly scheduled check-in time. One simple change in your day can take you from normal and mediocre to something exciting, memorable and refreshing.

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Reconnect with people from your past.
No use in reinventing the wheel as they say. Send a quick message or call up a friend you used to be close with. Get together for lunch or go out for a drink. Meeting up with old friends will rekindle relationships and may just lead to new, fresh discussions and activities.

Accept invitations—even unexpected ones.
You can’t plan every aspect of your life. Consider the invitation if someone invites you to do something you haven’t done in ages or have never done before at all. Think of the excitement you’ll meet or the things you will learn when you broaden your horizons.

Plant seeds in your life.
Spontaneity can’t be planned — that would defeat the purpose — but you can cultivate relationships in your personal and work lives, sign up for new classes or activities, and wait to see how each grows. The spontaneous decisions will become part of the journey.


Every friend you have started out as a stranger; every new place you love was once part of the unknown. Take a few steps to change your routines and you’ll find yourself led down paths you haven’t had an opportunity to explore yet. Enjoy the experience!

What spontaneous adventure or activity sounds fun to you today? What do you have to lose?

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